Five New Mobile Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Five New Mobile Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Today, your mobile phone can do many things for you, including enhancing your productivity! Whether you use an Android or iPhone, you can download many third-party applications that help you get more out of your day.

Consider these apps to help you avoid time wasters and get more done:

1. Evernote: Evernote allows you to take and organize notes. Not only can you access your notes from your phone, but with an Evernote account, you can use them from anywhere with an internet connection. The app itself is free and offers 40 MB of storage space, but you can upgrade to 500 MB of space for $5/month.

2. ReQall: This is another to-do list app with both free and premium versions. For scheduling convenience, it syncs with your Google and Outlook calendars, and allows you to keep text and voice memos and reminders in a synced account. Also, you have the option to automatically convert your voice memos into text notes.

• The “Pro” version is $24.99 annually. Additional functionalities available with ReQall Pro include location-based note taking.

3. Jott: Jott takes voice notes and transcribes them into texts that you can post to a variety of web interfaces including Twitter, Google Calendar and Facebook. It also offers a account and a desktop application so that you can leave voice notes and transcribe them for later use. 

• The application is free on its own, but the account is paid. The basic Jott subscription is only $3.95/month, and the pro account is $12.95/month. There is also an “a la carte” version that offers five minutes of recording time for $6.95. 

4. Air Sharing: With Air Sharing, you can drag and drop a variety of different document types between your phone and your personal computer. Basically, it enables your phone to function as a wireless, portable USB drive with which you can view, edit, and store your documents. 

• Air Sharing offers a standard version for $2.99 and a pro version for $9.99. With the pro version, you can print from your phone and remotely access files on your computer.

5. Timewerks: Timewerks helps you track how many hours you’ve spent on a variety of different projects when you’re working for clients. You can even invoice your clients straight from the app! There’s also a stopwatch feature that runs in the background and allows you to track how much time is spent on each activity. 

• Using this app, you can export your invoices to your computer. Also, it integrates with Credit Card Terminal software, which enables you to accept credit card payments through your phone. 

• Timewerks is $9.99 for the full version. However, there is a free, “lite” version that offers all of the same functionality, but only for one project at a time.

If you want to get more accomplished each day, and you have an iPhone or Android-based phone, try putting some of these apps to use. Even when they require a small investment, it may be well worth it to you to extend the capabilities of your phone. With these apps at your fingertips, you can become more productive today!

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