Ascenditur is a leadership consulting organization invested in providing tools, methods, ideas, resources that can help people and organizations in matters related to culture, communication and transitions. We provide assessment, evaluation, training and support to people and businesses looking to appraise and revamp their current brand culture.


We help assess current practices against market standards and use findings to create a platform that embraces today’s change and tomorrow’s possibilities.

At Ascenditur, we understand the art of change. We are specialists versed in helping individuals, brand and organizations looking for cost-effective and highly efficient ways to manage change regardless of their target audience or markets.

For Individuals, Ascenditur helps them manage cultural differences in the workplace, work relationships, job transitions, location transition and adaptability, cultural changes and economic transition. We help take care of the mental, physical and psychological stress that can come with these changes by equipping our clients with the right skill set and knowledge needed to transverse and adapt to new climates.

For Organizations, Ascenditur provides the knowledge, tools and skill set that can help businesses review and align their organizational processes and corporate culture with the growing and constantly evolving needs of their markets.

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