Still Putting Things Off? Try These Tips to Get Them Done
Still Putting Things Off? Try These Tips to Get Them Done

Do you find yourself putting off today’s tasks until the last minute? Maybe you’re waiting for the right mood to strike. Perhaps you’re afraid of failure, or find the work stressful or boring.

Regardless of your reasons, you can find a way out of this negative cycle!

The Feelings That Besiege Procrastinators

Chances are good that you feel guilty when you’re the last one to finish or when you complete something much later than you promised. Maybe you don’t finish at all and just give up when you realize how far behind you are.

Procrastination can lead to depression, especially when your habit of putting things off prevents you from ever achieving goals that are important to you. Watching the success of others who always finish first can make you feel worthless.

As a procrastinator, beginning a task can be the hardest part. These suggestions can help you get started and continue working on your tasks until you complete them.

Ginseng – The Stress Buster, Memory Enhancer, Concentration Booster

An adaptogen (a class of substances that help the body adapt to physical or mental stress), ginseng protects you from stress. This herb also been shown to sharpen memory and concentration. This may be exactly what you need in order to overcome procrastination.

Also, menopausal women may be prone to depression and mood swings, which can hamper their ability to work. Ginseng can help allay menopausal symptoms, which in turn will assist in productivity and reducing procrastination.

Time Management

Procrastinators tend to ignore tasks by pointing to a lack of time. If you feel like you often don’t have enough time to do your work, try these tips on managing your time more efficiently:

1. Prioritize your tasks. Do the most urgent first.

2. Rise earlier so you can get more things done in time. For many, early morning is the best time for working on the most urgent and important tasks. During these hours, your concentration is high and the mind is fresh.

3. Make a to-do list. Post it where you can see it and follow your list.

4. Watch less TV. Keep an eye on how much time you spend on leisure activities such as watching television. Try reducing this time by an hour or two a week. You may be surprised at how much more you can get done!

Focus on Glorious Goals

Always look at the bigger picture – accomplishing your life goals. Let this vision motivate you to work towards your goal each day. Completing one small step each day will contribute to the manifestation of your dreams.

When you feel lazy, remind yourself of what you truly want. Dream about it. See it clearly in your mind’s eye. Feel the elation and satisfaction that comes from bringing these dreams to fruition.

Short List of Tips for Beating Procrastination

* Avoid waiting for the right “mood.”
* Remember that procrastination can lead to depression.
* Avoid allowing fear of failure to overwhelm you.
* Do the “boring” tasks first.
* Take ginseng every day.
* Remind yourself of how completing your tasks contribute to reaching your goals.
* Avoid packing too much into your to-do list for any given day.
* Refrain from assuaging your guilt by doing minor tasks instead of doing the major ones.
* Focus on one task at a time so you don’t scatter your energies.
* Shake yourself out of your false sense of security (that you have plenty of time to start it later) and tackle that task now!

Follow these tips and you’ll no longer have to watch others reach the finish line before you. You’ll feel a sense of great accomplishment, and before you know it, your bigger goals will no longer just be dreams; you’ll have achieved them!

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