I make the most of my days by adhering to a schedule.
I make the most of my days by adhering to a schedule.

A daily planner helps me keep my day in order. When my day is organized, I can accomplish what I set out to do because I have designated time in my schedule for each task. With my plan in hand, I can achieve my short-term goals.

I have the necessary discipline to adhere to a routine. Doing things in the same order each day is effortlessly to me. Not only do I find my routine easy to practice, but I also find it convenient and beneficial.

A schedule empowers me against confusion and wasting time. Instead of spending time figuring out what I need to do next, I familiarize myself with my routine so I can get right to action.

Every precious second of my day has immeasurable value. I respect myself enough to value my own time. Whether it is my time to work, eat, or rest, each activity that’s important to me is part of my schedule.

I can adhere to a plan and still enjoy spontaneity within the boundaries of my responsibilities. A schedule helps me to accomplish my goals in a timely manner allowing me to free up more time for my pleasure.

Today, I choose to plan out my day and stick to my plan. I do this so I can accomplish my goals and enjoy my free time. I set myself up for an evening liberated from the stress of procrastination. I reject guilt by taking up the responsibility of living wisely by a schedule.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I feel when I adhere to my plan?

2. What activities are important to me and need to be added to my schedule?

3. Why is a plan important to my overall success?

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