Time is on my side, so I take advantage of every second.
Time is on my side, so I take advantage of every second.

Life is too short to sit and wonder what would happen if I just tried a bit harder. To me, life is about taking action!

It is certainly all right, and often necessary, to think about decisions before making them. But if all I do is think about how great life would be if I were to only take the first step towards my dream, my life would pass me by!

Fortunately, time is on my side. I have all of the time I need to accomplish my dreams, and I make good use of every minute. Because I am confident that I can achieve whatever I want, today is the day that I have the courage to move toward my goals.

If I fall down, I have enough time to learn from my mistakes and do things differently the next time. Each second that I sit around denying my dreams is another second lost that I could have used to advance toward my desires.

This is the time for me to shine because I say it is! I release my fear of rejection and failure and finally do what fills my heart with joy. I do all of this because I deserve to be happy!

Today, I vigorously chase my dreams. Time is on my side, so if I fail, I can always try again or move onto a new endeavor.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I refrain from chasing my dreams because I am unconfident?
2. How can I help my loved ones support my dreams?
3. When was the last time I chased a dream without inhibition?

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