I am comfortable rejecting or delegating tasks that do not fit my schedule.
I am comfortable rejecting or delegating tasks that do not fit my schedule.

Delegating tasks is something I am comfortable doing. I actively plan and organize my tasks and to-do list because I am a responsible person. I organize my life so I may have a healthy balance of work, family, and personal time.

If I am faced with a task that does not fit my schedule, I choose not to shuffle other activities around nor steal time from my family. If I do not have time for a task, I simply and politely decline the task or offer to find someone else to complete it.

I do not have to complete everything for it to be completed well. I feel confident that there are capable people who can accomplish my tasks so I can be free to live a balanced life.

Delegating tasks to other people is a responsible thing to do. Trying to cram 30 hours worth of activities into a 24-hour day is not only irresponsible, but also unhealthy. I choose to take care of my family and myself first.

As I begin to respect myself, people will begin to respect me in return. Even if I have always been the “yes person” and others are used to dumping work on me, I can begin to reject excessive workloads starting now.

I delegate without feeling guilt or shame because I am still an efficient employee. But being an efficient employee does not mean that I can add hours to the day. Having too much on my plate does not mean that I need to work faster and harder; it means that I am working too hard. Today, I choose to put myself first!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I have clear times set aside for work and play?
2. Do I respect my time boundaries?
3. Which of my tasks can I cancel or delegate in order to dedicate more attention to things I love?

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