My priorities in life are clear.
My priorities in life are clear.
My priorities in life are clear.

When I think of my life priorities, I ponder all those things that are high on my list of aspirations. Although I have many, I understand that some of them are more important to me than others. Life can be a crazy, chaotic ride. Yet from the mounds of things to do and accomplish, I sift through to find those most relevant things.

The top crucial elements of my life are my relationship with my partner, my family, health, work, home, friends, and hobbies. It is obvious to me that these parts of a whole must all fit together somehow, some way.

Finding space and time in my life for everything is a juggling act. Even so, I confidently prioritize my time. What I do each day shows to the world and to me what my priorities truly are. I believe very strongly that I ought to live my life based on the priorities that I set.

I cherish some of my priorities, like taking care of my family, spending time with my children, hanging out with friends, or doing a beloved hobby. Some of my priorities are necessities in life and require my effort, focus and concentration, such as working and taking care of my home.

Today, I intend to review my priorities and evaluate whether they need to be altered or rearranged in any way. I feel confident that I can make any changes necessary to ensure my actions reflect how I really feel.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Are my priorities clear to me?
2. Do my behaviors reflect what my priorities truly are?
3. What do I need to change about my life to ensure I am living my life to the fullest and being true to my priorities?

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