I am organized and I take the time to stay focused.
I am organized and I take the time to stay focused.

I am better prepared for anything that comes my way because my eye is on the details.

I am able to accomplish more in my day because I am organized and I stay focused on the task at hand. This helps me stay productive, regardless of what springs up in my day.

My life works smoothly because I am able to effectively prioritize everything in my life, from work to family and everything in between, including time especially carved out for me.

I am able to focus on the task at hand without worrying about what’s next or what I may be forgetting. I am able to re-arrange my schedule without losing hope or patience because I am flexible. And I know I am not forgetting anything because I choose to proactively organize and prioritize my life.

Today, I give myself the gift of an organized, yet flexible schedule. In doing so, I am able to relax and focus more than ever before. I can work more efficiently and my life becomes more productive because I am well prepared and focused.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I taken the time to organize my schedule today?
2. How has my organizational skills helped me with my focused?
3. How has prioritizing my schedule helped me in my daily activities?

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