Planning ahead saves me time and money. 

Planning ahead saves me time and money. 

The average family wastes over $2000 per year due to lack of planning. Instead of being one of those families, my family saves money by living strategically.

At the start of the week, I plan my family’s meals in order to maximize the use of my groceries. I choose meals with the same ingredients to prevent items from spoiling in the refrigerator and going to waste.

While planning the meals for the week, I use the Internet to find deals and printable coupons for the items on my list. Armed with a shopping list and matching coupons, I make better choices at the grocery store.

I am stronger than the pride that tries to prevent me from shopping for sales. Using coupons is fun because it is easy to do and saves me money. When I provide for my family’s needs while saving money, I feel smart.

Each week, I also plan my family’s activities so we can identify ways to best make use of our time as a family. I group car trips together in order to save time as well as money on gas.

My home is organized so I know where things are when I need to use them. The ability to find what I need with ease prevents me from purchasing items I already own simply because they are misplaced.

Today, I choose to pay attention to the small details of my affairs so I can identify areas where I can save time and money. I prepare my week in advance to refrain from wasting.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I make time to plan effectively for my week?
2. What three things can I do to save money that is currently being wasted?
3. What could my family do with the savings from being organized?

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