I make the most of each moment.
I make the most of each moment.
I make the most of each moment.

Living in the present makes my journey through life exciting. I absorb the totality of each moment, breathing in the fullness of life and breathing out any negativity that threatens to creep in.

I let go of any worries coming from my past or regarding my future because when I focus on the present moment, there is no past or future. There is only now!

If my mind tries to wander, I stop and ask myself, “Where are you?” I answer, “Here.” The question continues: “What time is it?” My answer is, “Now.” These two simple questions get me back fully to the present moment.

I know that each moment of my life is unique and will never happen again. Only by paying attention to this moment can I claim the full benefits of it. If I am distracted, this fleeting moment will simply disappear into the sands of time, leaving no trace of its presence.

Living in the present enables me to enjoy everything life has to offer. I purposely take time to “stop and smell the roses.” I love the majesty of the dawn, the aroma of brewing coffee, and the beauty of fresh flowers. I revel in the caress of a loved one and share in their smiles of joy.

I also find more beneficial opportunities by living in the moment. My total focus allows me to recognize opportunities and take swift action.

Today, I intend to have total focus on each moment so I can enjoy my day to its absolute fullest.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I ever experienced living fully in the moment?
2. How many moments do I miss by sitting around worrying about the past or future?
3. What can I do to enable myself to live more in the present moment?

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