I maintain a manageable workload.
I maintain a manageable workload.
I maintain a manageable workload.

I enjoy the work that I do. I appreciate the gift of my talent and the venue through which I can share it with others. I perform my work with joy. When I speak about my work, complaints are absent because I am grateful.

I can handle the amount of work on my plate. I am careful to only accept responsibilities that I know I can work into my schedule. Whenever I commit to a task, I am faithful to complete it. It is better for me to say “no” to a request than to accept a job I know I am unable to fulfill.

I have assigned a specific time slot on my schedule for each one of the tasks I am committed to. During that time slot, I only work on that particular task. If I finish a task early, I use the additional time to take a walk outside or perform a relaxing activity.

Organizing my day into time slots dedicated to different tasks helps me manage my workload. The more I organize my day, the more I achieve. Organization is the key to balance.

The workload I carry leaves me enough time to eat, sleep, and participate in family activities.

In order for me to be able to balance all of my responsibilities, I must also make time for me. My schedule has time for breaks and for focusing on myself. Making myself a priority helps me be more efficient at work.

Today, I re-evaluate my commitments to ensure I have a manageable workload. I make myself a priority by avoiding over-commitments.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I feel comfortable with my workload?
2. How can I avoid over-committing?
3. Does my current workload allow enough time to take care of my basic needs?

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