My life has structure.
My life has structure.
My life has structure.

Structure clears a path for my plans. Structure is an essential part of my life because it increases my effectiveness and my overall satisfaction with myself.

The more I organize my time, the more empowered I am to accomplish my goals. As I reach my goals, my dreams get bigger and my ability to achieve them increases.

Balance goes hand in hand with structure. Structure allows me to designate separate times for various activities on my list. When I organize myself, I can complete my work, rest, play, and even spend time with my loved ones.

Sticking to an organized schedule gives me freedom from guilt and pressure by placing me in the driver’s seat of my life. I am in control of my time and in charge of my accomplishments.

Structure, without rigidity, serves as a helpful tool. The most successful entities utilize structure to achieve their objectives. Life itself is the best example of structure.

From the rising of the sun each morning to the life processes of all living things, structure is fundamental. Following the example of the Creator, every day of my life is different and exciting but follows the same pattern.

Each week, I make time to plan the week ahead. I make time for my responsibilities and myself. Throughout the week, I make effective use of my time because I take time to plan.

Today, I choose to plan rather than react. I apply structure to my life to increase my productivity and overall happiness.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I satisfied with my use of time?
2. How can I add structure to my life?
3. What areas of my life would benefit from some form of structure?

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