I release distracting thoughts from my mind.
I release distracting thoughts from my mind.
I release distracting thoughts from my mind.

In order to reach my full measure of productivity, I disallow distracting thoughts from my mind. Thoughts may come and go, but I choose to nurture only positive thoughts that help me be most productive. I simply allow distracting thoughts to pass through my mind, unattended.

I choose to fill my mind with positive thoughts. I have let go of the idea that life should be easy, so I view challenges as opportunities rather than obstacles. I do not feed passing thoughts that tell me I am unable to achieve my goals. Instead I focus my thoughts on finding ways to do the unimaginable, despite the circumstances or barriers.

I optimize my productivity by having a time for tending to each part of my life. If a thought pertains to something other than the task at hand, I simply let it go.

If I am truly concerned that I will forget something important, I can take a moment to write it down in an agenda, then I will immediately return my attention to the task at hand. By releasing these distracting thought, I can enhance my own productivity.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I allow negative thoughts to grow by feeding them my attention?
2. Do I view challenges as evidence of my own inadequacy? Or do I view them as stepping-stones to something better?
3. Do I have a place to write down important thoughts so I can release them while I work?

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