Published by : Seth Chancy
I make the most of each moment.

Living in the present makes my journey through life exciting. I absorb the totality of

Scheduling allows for more productive days.

Planning my work prevents me from feeling overwhelmed by my responsibilities. Although unexpected situations sometimes

I maintain a manageable workload.

I enjoy the work that I do. I appreciate the gift of my talent and

My life is balanced because I prioritize.

I enjoy a balanced life because I take the time to sort through my responsibilities

My life has structure.

Structure clears a path for my plans. Structure is an essential part of my life

I am tipping the scale of time management in my favor

My time management skills weigh in with a lot more benefits when I replace the

I release distracting thoughts from my mind.

In order to reach my full measure of productivity, I disallow distracting thoughts from my

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