Chipping away at a big task keeps me focused and quickly builds momentum.
Chipping away at a big task keeps me focused and quickly builds momentum.

When I have a large project to complete, or a big goal to achieve, I divide it into a series of small tasks. Each task is easily accomplished, so I can dive right in. Completing these mini goals keeps me going and drives me forward to success.

This method sets me up for success every time. Once I make my plan and get started, I know without a doubt that I can succeed. I can keep my focus throughout the project, moving easily from one small task onto the next.

Often, the hardest part of any big project is getting started. The end can seem so far away when I’m looking at the project from the outset! So I schedule the quickest, easiest tasks for the beginning. This allows me to get started without delay.

As I complete more and more of these small tasks, I feel the force of my momentum pushing me forward to the next ones. This energy even helps me overcome obstacles in my path so I can continue the project until it is complete!

It’s like chopping down a tree. No matter how large the tree may be, I know I can cut it down by chipping away at it bit by bit. My small tasks are like the little chips of the tree. Each little chip only requires a small action, yet they all add up to success.

Today, my plan is to follow this strategy for all my projects so I can chip my way to success!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I procrastinating on starting a large project right now?
2. How can I divide my next project into easily achievable tasks?
3. What’s the easiest task I can put at the beginning so I can get started right away?

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