I know what needs to get done to build momentum.
I know what needs to get done to build momentum.

When I want to build momentum toward achieving a goal, I know it all boils down to a single concept: “Plan my work and work my plan.” When I focus on this one thing, I can build unstoppable momentum!

The first step in the process is to take the time to make a plan that assures my success. When I know ahead of time that I will succeed, it lets me anticipate my success with joy.

How can I make a foolproof plan? I divide my goal into many small tasks that I know I can achieve. Each task is one step on my successful journey toward my goal. Then I schedule time in my planner to work toward my goal every day.

In order to build momentum quickly, I schedule some of the easy steps for the beginning of my day. This enables me to jump right in and achieve some successes almost immediately.

As I finish each step, I congratulate myself on this success. I let myself feel all the good feelings that success can bring, like happiness and the pride of accomplishment. I like to keep these good feelings coming, so I forge ahead excitedly to the next step.

One success leads to another and another, until I build a relentless momentum that brings me to victory!

If any negative thoughts of self-doubt threaten to slow my momentum, I simply replace them with a positive affirmation and keep right on going.

My challenges are met with a firm confidence that enables me to overcome them with ease.

Today, I intend to plan my work and work my plan, building momentum toward my success.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is my plan of action steps for reaching my goal?
2. Have I scheduled time each day to work toward my goal?
3. Do I let challenges stop me?

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