My workspace is conducive to productivity.
My workspace is conducive to productivity.

I take pride in all aspects of my work. I dress for success, carry myself with confidence, and keep my workspace organized. When my workspace is organized, so are my thoughts.

An organized workspace unleashes my creativity. Clutter is the antithesis to inspiration. I de-clutter my space by promptly getting rid of unnecessary items. My passion for peace is greater than my fear of throwing things away.

When I sit at my desk, I have enough space to sit comfortably and properly. There is space for me to place my feet flat on the floor and my arms on the table. Adequate posture is important to my overall success because I work better when I am free from pain.

The lighting at my workspace enables me to see clearly without needing to squint my eyes. The sounds around me are easy to ignore without causing a distraction. I use light audio in the background if there are disturbing noises nearby which I find hard to disregard.

I look forward to my workspace because it is a place where I feel productive. My workstation facilitates my personal growth. When I walk into my clean workspace, I feel relaxed.

Being organized helps me avoid confusion over misplaced supplies. I can find items on my desk when I need them because everything has its place. My tidy space saves me from the added stress of disorganization.

Today, I choose to set up my space in a way that brings me peace and inspires me to be productive. I invest in organizational tools to help me get started. I release myself from confusion by tidying up my space.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I feel when I walk into my workspace?
2. How can I improve the look of my space?
3. What do I need to do to help myself get more organized?

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