I work smartly. I seize the opportunity to conquer easy tasks first.
I work smartly. I seize the opportunity to conquer easy tasks first.

I focus on completing the easier parts of my task first because I know that doing so builds momentum and paves the way for success.

Starting with the least challenging parts of any project allows me to learn gradually without jeopardizing the entire task. By starting with the simple tasks, I am training myself so I will be ready to handle greater challenges down the road.

When I accomplish a task, I grant myself the precedence of success on which I can build upon. The work may get more challenging, but my subconscious mind will remember the thrill of achievement and I will be motivated to push harder toward my goals.

I also ward off discouragement by being able to show myself that I am capable of accomplishing concrete goals.

When progress gets more complicated, I can refer back to my previous successes for encouragement and remind myself of what I have already achieved.

Also, I am fully aware of the power of momentum. When I get the ball rolling, it’s far more likely to stay in motion. Likewise, once I get started on a project, I am already well on my way to success.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I set myself up for success?
2. Do I recognize the importance of training when I take on a new task?
3. What easy tasks could I complete in order to build momentum?

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