My life is balanced because I prioritize.
My life is balanced because I prioritize.
My life is balanced because I prioritize.

I enjoy a balanced life because I take the time to sort through my responsibilities according to my values. My schedule has room for personal time, family time, and time to take care of other responsibilities.

When I prioritize, I logically think about how I spend my time. I make a list of the tasks I need to do then sort them in order of importance. I prioritize my list based on what matters most to me.

I am free to delegate tasks beyond my abilities to other capable people willing to help me. Once my schedule is full, I turn down additional tasks free from guilt.

My number one responsibility is to take care of myself so I can best look after my family and serve those I work with. I make it a point not to neglect my own personal well being, that way I can have enough strength and energy to be there for others.

To maintain a balanced life, I strive to minimize distractions. I overlook anything that tries to rob me of the time I need to spend on important tasks.

I have the courage it takes to ignore a phone call while I am trying to work. I have the self-discipline necessary to stay out of social networking sites while I am performing my duties.

Today, I choose to stabilize my life by prioritizing my duties. I make time in my schedule for myself so I can best fulfill my purpose.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Which distractions do I need to restrain?
2. What is one thing I can do for myself today?
3. Why is personal time needed for efficiency in other areas?

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