Is Your Leader Interested In CHANGE?
Is Your Leader Interested In CHANGE?

Not every leader will embrace change (take a deep breath and accept that)…

There are varying levels of acceptance or resistance to change and your leader’s level of acceptance or resistance will greatly depend on the leader’s background, ideals and his level of understanding of the place of change in organizational development.

As an employee or follower, it is important to know if change is coming, when it is coming and, how to adjust and align with the change when it comes. But…how can you tell if there will be change or not? Usually, the leader is responsible for making the big decision and leading the proposed change.

How then can you tell if your leader is interested in change?

The leader readily introduces new ideas

A leader that likes change is usually brimming with new ideas and likes to try new things from time to time. This kind of leader is experimental, creative and is always on the lookout for the next big thing in the market. He is very informed and has a lot of market intelligence. He stays abreast of happenings and trends and constantly updates his knowledge of his industry.

The leader readily embraces new ideas

In terms of knowledge sharing and idea generation, this leader readily takes as much as gives. Unlike some leaders who find it hard to take ideas, suggestions and advice from subordinates, this leader does not mind rubbing minds with lower-ranking members of his organization. He likes to surround himself with innovative and creative people who can help him generate new ideas or act as soundboard for his own ideas.

The leader is a team player

Usually, leaders who are readily receptive to change are team players. They understand the collective power of team thinking and leverage it to produce results that can drive organizational growth and development. They also promote team work and strive to foster team spirit, loyalty and a sense of belonging among all employees and, they enjoy collaboration and contribution.

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