Dealing with Transition: New Location
Dealing with Transition: New Location

As the popular saying ‘change is constant’ affirms, transition is an inevitable process and a part and parcel of every human being. Whether we want it or not, change always happens. Like many people, I have a hard time adjusting to change – both minor and major. I like the status quo… I like staying in my comfort zone where I’m in charge of things and on top of my game. The feeling of being in control is soothing and familiar. However, life cannot be controlled. We will be thrown curve balls at different points in our lives and be dragged into unfamiliar, often unwelcome territories.

Transition can come in different forms:

  • Change of work
  • Change of location
  • Change of status (financial, marital, etc.)
  • Higher learning

In the article, I will be focusing on change in location and how you can deal with it.


airplane-1-1421126What causes location to change?

There are many things that can cause you to move from one place to another; change of jobs can take you to a new city, state or country. Marriage can influence movement, a change in income and financial status can take you from the crowded neighborhood to a plush and luxurious community. Graduating from high school to college can also take you to a whole new, unfamiliar terrain.


How do you deal with a change in location?

Make friends fast: this is one of the easiest ways to cope with a change in location. Having friends that are familiar with your new location will make it easy for you to settle in as they can be your walking and talking map. They will also make your transition easy and comfortable by helping you get acquainted with the peculiarities of your new environment

Embrace your new life: while this can be hard to do, it is really necessary. If you cannot settle in and adapt to your new environment, you will end up frustrated and confused. Make a conscious decision to adapt and take it one step at a time.

Take charge: gather as much information as you can and arm yourself with knowledge. When you are informed, you feel less threatened and the ‘fish-out-of-water’ feeling gradually fades out. Read up on the history, attend community events, and talk to your neighbors. You will be surprised at how empowering these will make you feel.




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