I use my time wisely.
I use my time wisely.

Although there are many things to accomplish today, I am confident I can be successful in how I allot my time.

Keeping my home and yard in order is important. My relationships at home, work, and in my personal life mean a lot to me. I do everything I can to contribute to those relationships in positive ways each day.

I spend my time on important tasks and people who matter.

My work is demanding. It requires my best efforts as well as a considerable amount of time. I prioritize my tasks and ensure the most critical tasks are done before I work on less important items.

How I spend my time is the foundation of my existence. Therefore, I try to make wise decisions about how to divide my time each day.

I cherish my time as much as I do my home, relationships, and work. Time is like gold because I can use it to live the type of life I want.

Today, I plan to keep track of how I spend each hour. My goal is to assure I spend the most time on things that matter. I have sixteen waking hours each day. I intend to invest those hours in the activities and people that make me happy. I pledge to use my time wisely each day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How many hours each day do I spend on things that have little importance to me?
2. What are the five most important people and things in my life?
3. When I notice I am wasting precious time on irrelevant things, what can I do?

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